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BUNDLAR’s scalable SaaS platform makes it easy for individuals, corporations, and institutions of all sizes to benefit from augmented reality (AR) technology.

Easy-To-Use Content Management System

Our revolutionary BUNDLAR self-serve AR Content Management System (CMS) allows anybody, anywhere to create, edit, and deploy AR experiences whenever they want on a global scale. The CMS is an easy drag-and-drop Platform, giving users the ability to edit, design and choose the best fit for their project needs based on our broad set of Platform Features. The simplicity of the BUNDLAR CMS makes AR creation available to anybody with a computer and an Internet connection.

The BUNDLAR Platform Tiers lets customers choose the level that best fits them. Deploy AR experiences from the CMS to the BUNDLAR App or to an AR app with your branding and unique features.

BUNDLAR Platform App

Easy to customize. Rapid development. Low cost. Repeatable. Create your own augmented reality (AR) experiences on our Content Management System (CMS) and then jump onto an existing BUNDLAR Platform app for quick access to your AR creations.

BUNDLAR Branded Apps

BUNDLAR will develop your own branded AR app with the full BUNDLAR Platform functionality. Then choose which BUNDLAR Platform Tier best fits your company or institutions demands and control your own AR experiences and story.

BundlAR Bundle AR Bundle-AR BundleAR API Analytics

BUNDLAR API & Analytics

Who, What, Where. The BUNDLAR API tracks every interaction made between a user and every AR experience. BUNDLAR Tier pricing allows you to choose the perfect analytics package that fits your needs.

  • Built in Tracking
  • Raw Data Access
  • API Access
  • Learn Consumer Habits & Interests
  • Calculate an ROI
  • Gather Location Data
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Track Traffic Flow
  • Optimize Experiences

BUNDLAR Platform Tiers

Each Platform Tier allows users to choose the right set of Project Bundles, Triggers, and Features and the level of memory and analytic data options they require for their AR needs. What separates BUNDLAR is our ‘bundling’ technology that gives CMS users the ability to package dozens of AR Experiences into one ‘bundle’ that can then be instantly delivered to a BUNDLAR app anywhere in the world. No more paying thousands of dollars for a one-off or single Trigger solution.

The tiers give our customers the ability to choose the level they need to create as many Bundle Projects as they need, each stuffed with a multitude of Triggers and AR Experiences, including unlimited multimedia assets and app user engagements and interactions.

We recognize the tiers may not fit all needs, so please contact a BUNDLAR rep to explore other solutions and for pricing.


  • Onboarding + Training
  • 10 Bundle Projects 
  • 100 Unique AR Triggers 
  • Unlimited AR Assets up to 1G of Memory in Media Library 
  • Unlimited Engagements + Interactions 
  • Analytics Dashboards


  • Onboarding + Training
  • 40 Bundle Projects
  • 400 Unique AR Triggers 
  • Unlimited AR Assets up to 4G of Memory in Media Library 
  • Unlimited Engagements + Interactions 
  • Analytic Dashboards + JSON Raw Data Export


  • Onboarding + Training
  • Unlimited Bundle Projects
  • Unlimited Unique AR Triggers 
  • Unlimited AR Assets up to 30G of Memory in Media Library 
  • Unlimited Engagements + Interactions 
  • Analytic Dashboards + JSON Raw Data Export
  • A dedicated BUNDLAR Customer Success Team


  • We recognize that one size does not fit all, so if one of our three tiers doesn’t meet your needs, contact us to explore custom solutions.