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Augmented Reality (AR) enhances a person’s perception of reality within their physical environment, using their mobile device to affect sensory inputs using sound, video, dynamic 3D graphics, and more.

What is Augmented Reality & How Does it Work?

Augmented Reality (AR) simply means placing digital content–like videos or animated 3D models–on the real-world through a user’s smartphone or tablet.

In essence: digital content in physical space.

This interaction is called an AR Experience.

To create an AR Experience, you need to combine:

  1. Marker or Geolocation: a unique object, image, or location
  2. AR Asset: Audio, 3D images, Videos, Animated 3D Models

Once a BUNDLAR app recognizes the Marker or geofenced location, it instantly cues the AR Asset, creating an AR Experience.

Why BUNDLAR’s AR Technology is Better

Our API “Bundles” AR Experiences into packages for users to load into a branded or BUNDLAR Platform app on-demand. Because the bundle is downloaded locally on a device, the AR Experiences and interactions are instantaneous. This means a user can enjoy AR without relying on a consistent internet connection, making BUNDLAR AR Experience stable, immediate, and reliable. And since BUNDLAR uses the cloud to store bundles, the potential AR Experiences are endless.

Even at notorious internet dead-zones, BUNDLAR apps are still able to launch instant AR Experiences.

BUNDLAR also developed BARK (BUNDLAR Augmented Reality Kit) that rivals any image recognition software on the market, making BUNDLAR completely independent from third party AR providers that can change policies or processes at the drop of a hat.

Bundled AR Experiences
Limited Internet Access Requirements
Independent AR Platform
Unlimited Potential AR Experiences
Do It Yourself Easy
Manage Your Own AR Experiences
Track Every User Interaction
Review Online Data Reports
JSON or API for Raw Data